Directorate Of Technical Support And Network Services

The Directorate of Technical Support and Network Services is in charge of the ICT Infrastructure of the Government of Namibia for matters of e-Government. ICT Infrastructure covers:

  • Unified Data Centre
  • Disaster Recovery Centre
  • Government-wide ICT Networking facility
  • Public Service Access Points

The main responsibility of the directorate is for the definition, design, installation, implementation, administration, support and monitoring of the ICT Infrastructure and services which serve as the backbone to run all e-government software applications and take services to different stakeholders.

Resources of the Directorate have profiles of Systems Engineering, Network Engineering, Security Experts and Data Centre Administrators. The resources will take care of Hardware (Servers, Data Storage, Network Equipment [Routers, Switches and Cabling], Operating Systems, Firmware, Monitoring Tools for Servers and Networks, Administrative (DNS) and Security Tools (Firewall).