Directorate Of Solutions Architecture

The Directorate of Solutions Architecture is in charge of designing, developing, implementing, supporting and maintaining Software Solutions for the Government of Namibia. Main activities of the directorate will be to:

  • Provide recommendation on Software solution acquisitions for the Government
  • Develop and Implement Software solutions for GRN.
  • Provide Support and Maintenance on GRN Software applications (implemented)
  • Define an Interoperability Framework for GRN.
  • Implement technologies, software solutions and processes to enable OMAs to integrate their systems with other OMAs systems as per established interoperability framework.
  • Provide functional and technical support services to OMAs on Software applications implemented.
  • Define a Portal and Web Development Framework for GRN.
  • Develop and implement the GRN Government Web Portal.
  • Provide guidance to OMAs to deploy their online applications through the government portal.
  • Implement a Centralised Government Help Desk solution for Government.
  • Work with OMAS to integrate their Help Desk Systems with the Centralised Government Help Desk System.