Auxiliary And Support Services

The objective of this Subdivision is to render technical and support services to the Department: Public Service Information Technology Management.

The functions of this Subdivision derive from the fourth function of the Department: Public Service Information Technology Management include the following:

  • To be responsible for Data/Information resources, safe keeping or management thereof within the DPSITM; this function entails management of I. T. resources of the Department. This is to say, auxiliary is function an administrative function that involves proper record of personnel data and information, budget, trade account, stock stores room control updating of the commitment register, etc.
  • To be responsible for the safe keeping of computer systems, data /information security documents. This function entails help desk related task as well as resource management of the Department as a whole.
  • Render Secretarial and office administration function including budget control and monitoring.
  • To administer the acquisition of consumable, office material, I.T. facilities etc. within the Department, etc.
  • To provide an efficient, effective Registry Management Services for the Department and implement an Electronic Document Management Filing System to be utilized by the divisions for correspondence received in the Registry for filing.
  • To Provide secretarial and cleaning services for the department.
  • To Provide adequate and efficient transport services as well as provision of office accommodation.
  • To Ensure adequate stock availability at all times and appropriate utilization of financial resources for the delivery of services.
  • To Procure goods and services required for the effective operation and functioning of the Department.