High level Statements - OPM


The vision of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) illuminates its desirable picture of the future.


The political heads of this office, management and staff members, collectively demonstrate their sense of purpose through their vision and wish to translate their mission into meaningful results using the vision listed hereunder.


Therefore, the vision of OPM is: to ensure "a better Namibia that is driven by an innovative and citizen-centric Public Service."


The mission statement of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) defines the nature and core purpose of this Office as expressed in the Constitution and listed in the foregoing mandate.


The mission statement of OPM clearly indicates who we are, what services we provides and why we exists.


Therefore our mission is: "To act as a centre of expertise that transforms, facilitates, coordinates and capacitates public service for effective service delivery".


The Mandate of the Office of the Prime Minister is: "to coordinate the Executive function in Parliament, the work of Cabinet, and Public Service, for a result-driven service delivery to citizens".

The mandate as provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia and other relevant legislation is delineated as follows:

  • Executive functions,
  • Coordination functions,
  • Legislative functions,
  • Special functions, and
  • Administrative functions.

                                                                                                                                     Core Values

Accountability :

Taking responsibility for our actions


Being honest and ensuring systems and procedures are rules compliant



Making ourselves available at all times to meet customer expectations


Our decisions are overt and not open to criticism

Responsiveness :

Providing services when they are needed

Innovative thinking :

Always looking for solutions to our challenges

Diversity and equality:

Treat others with respect and in a manner that we would want to be treated